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Argentine Legend retires from international football

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Argentina forward Lionel Messi has announced his retirement from international football. Messi, among being my favorite player of all time, is argentina's leading goal scorer with 55. He has won the ballon d'or 5 times, yet has no major championship trophies to show for it. After reaching the World Cup final in 2014, copa America final 2015, and again this year and losing all three, Messi has decided to retire. Rumored to follow are Manchester City striker Sergio Kün Aguerro, Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano, PSG winger Angel Di Maria, Napoli stoker Gonzalo Higuain, and winger Eric Lavezzi. Should they all follow suit, the Argentina national team will look drastically different from come the 2018 World Cup. Goalkeeper Sergio Romero says Messi retired in the heat of the moment, so he might come back. Should he stay out, I imagine Aguerro and Di Maria will follow him.

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Here's a meme. 

(Side note: After getting to the finals of Copa America and the World Cup and then subsequently losing due to Higuain's retardation and inability to shoot a ball into a corner or anywhere near the damn net. I think his resignation is justified, he does 90% of the work yet still gets shit on. 

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If he sticks with the decision, they'll realize after seeing him not play that they took his skill for granted, and they should've cut the guy some slack. 




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