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[7-8-17] Another Back End Update

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You can always lock the old servers, spam a join message on connect for a few weeks. That's what I've previously done. Or hope GSLT does it's job.. (it probably wont but.)

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5 hours ago, SwegBuster said:

What are your plans for redirection for players from the current server IP's to the new ones?

As @balon said, we will lock the servers and spam chat messages. In games other than CS:GO, we can use this plugin (will have to hit F3 to connect to the new server). Unfortunately, this functionality isn't supported in CS:GO (what a surprise). 


If GSLTs (Game Server Login Token) worked as intended, we could transfer all the favorites over from the old servers to the new servers. However, I've heard stories where moving GSLTs over have no effect in CS:GO whatsoever (again, what a surprise).



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