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I haven't spent on CS:GO stuff, but I have 65 games (mostly bought) and have only played 6 of them :o.O: one game definitely stands out the most: Counter-Strike: Source.




According to Steam...  I've only spent about $135.



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Uhh...my own money? About $30 at most.


I won $100 in a steam gift card giveaway here in gfl and got skins with it so i wouldnt count that as my own money spent.


I also dabbled in gambling and won around $400 so thats cool, lost most of it though LMAO. That was like a year ago though.


All in all, maybe $30.

My Steam Profile (from SteamDB)


  • Worth: $943 ($530 with sales)
  • Games owned: 174
  • Games played: 112 (64%)
  • Hours on record: 5,797.5h

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