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Ban Appeal:Snarkibte

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Name: Snarkbite


Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:105731203


Banned by: The Karma System


Ban reason: Killed two traitor buddies with a tnt cart


Why you should be unbanned:

There are three main reasons why I should be unbanned.

1. For one, It is common knowledge with me that before activating a tnt trap, you must give a warning, of which I spammed into my microphone for a solid 5 seconds "TNT CART." Given that I gave ample warning, any traitors that died thereafter died due to either them not having their headset on/not being able to hear, or being afk.

2. There were no complaints/reports/warnings when the traitor buddies had died, nor were there any reports showing that i had intently rdm'd any traitor buddies/innocents.

3. Previous to my karma ban, there were many rdmers and rdm chains that had happened, some of which I was a part of but not responsible for. When @rushlux1 came onto the server to handle all of the reports, she can attest to the fact that there were multiple people banned before I got karma banned.

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@Violator @PB-n-J




Please wait for their response.

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Average HL2RP Enjoyer.

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