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CSGO Montage!

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Your slomos (at the beginning) seem a little stuttered. What program are you using to edit the videos? I personally use Sony Vegas (obviously legal) and you can "draw" out the clips making things smooth. When doing that, make sure you disable "resample" on your videos as well. I personally like your music choice as it fits it quite well.


Here's something you might like to help you improve your videos. You see quite a few popular youtubers, such as Sparkles, who use it to great effect. 




This will help you make some really really nice videos. Make sure you use "-insecure" as part of the command line because there is a small chance you could get caught by VAC but if you're using the insecure mode then you should be fine (disables VAC and stops you joining VAC servers).




The link above was me experimenting with it a little. Nothing amazing but the program is designed for great cinematic shots (as that's something I like doing).


Here's a nice tutorial on how to use it. Also, take a look at editing the death notes using that program. You'll like what you see. Here's a tutorial for that.



So everyone is listing their former stuff so I'll just be cool and list mine :3


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lol good one Snoopy. Good one.


Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 3.35.00 PM.png

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That's it.

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I like your video but the clips seem a little to long like between kills i recommend cutting it down. Also i like the music but the gun shots were synced it just didn't sound synced to me because the song's beat was low and the gun shot was loud so maybe fine a song that matches/close to the sound not that it muffles the sound but so the gun shot can compliment the song.

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What aimbot software do you use because I am looking to up my game...;)

jk but shit I probs cant shoot the guy point blank if he was AFK.

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