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Remove and Replace GFLBot

GFLBot's Removal  

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  1. 1. Should GFLBot be removed?

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At first, my little shitpost ban request on GFLBot was mainly a joke on how it kept spamming chatbox calling for admins, but now this is annoying.


Issue: The intent behind GFLBot is good. It allows admins to be called in chatbox via the server and tells where the problem is. But all GFLBot has done at this point is replace the people asking in chatbox for admin help with itself. It does not tell the admins of the server directly, which means you rely on them seeing chatbox to see a call for admin, which was the problem in the first place.


Suggestion: The approach for the solution certainly took the wrong move. Using a forum bot wouldn't make much sense. How about a Steam Bot? Similarly to how bots on trading websites work where they notify users of any news on their websites, this Steam Bot will message steam admins its friended with about any calls for admin from the server. This way, they can be notified more directly.




Tagging @denros


TTT Admin

Breach Admin

Ragdoll Combat Manager




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I don't see a reason as to why we need to repeal and replace @GFLBot. Although your suggestion does seem excellent on paper, it'd be difficult to actually implement it as @denros has said.


Even if its GMod Purge going up in flames most of the time as it seems, there are times when admins are hanging out on the forums doing nothing and can respond rapidly should they be called. However we also get troll calls, most recent followed:


warm regards has asked for an admin on GMOD US TTT Minecraft. Reason: (My asshole needs spanking).


Although later on in the future it seems like it'll seem funny, the bot is not supposed to be abused in this way and players should know about that. !calladmin is supposed to be for serious matters only and it isnt really the bot's fault for showing up in the chatbox so much, but the players that are using the command on many of the servers that supports it.


I see it as useful and enabled me to respond to it when I see a call for one of my servers when I'm hanging around on the server.

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