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How to get more rep! 100% REALLY WORKS!

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Posted  Edited by Kite9867

Hey there! Do you want more rep? No? Well fuck you anyways. Go fuck yourself. Here are some simple steps that even an Kite can do this shit.

Step 1: Get a life.

Step 2: Forget about step 1 because you're part of a community called Games For Life.

Step 3: Go to the gfl website.

Step 4: Sign in.

Step 5: Go to the member activity and create a topic in the Good Byes & Resignations subforum.

Step 6: Name your post, Well this it, good bye gfl.

Step 7: Write a very long shitty paragraph about your life.

Step 8: Add a shit meme video at the very end of your post and say, Shitpost. LOL EEX DEE GET TROLLEDZ XD


Step 9: Wait for all those green shit  ( rep ) come rolling in.

Step 10: Realize that its not gonna get you rep but instead you get a bunch of comments from people calling you a faggot.

Step 11: Leave gfl for reals because you couldn't handle the comments and blame Kite for everything.

Step 12: But if you're a Voxxy. Get banned, come back 6 months later, and rack up the likes.

Don't believe us? I'll list you a bunch of people who did this and got them green shit!

@Voxxy and yeah thats it. I forgot who the others were except for voxxy.

And thats how you get more rep. And if you take this seriously, I hope you realize that this shitpost is a shitpost. If you don't then well, I don't what to tell ya. I hate myself. GET SCAMMED!

Edited by Kite9867

Average HL2RP Enjoyer.

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