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TF2 Update

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So yesterday around 7:00 PM Eastern, there was the "neato" update. This update gave TF2 more of a life span. Lots of buffs and debuffs. Most exciting is the casual system. You don't need to play with F2Ps who just installed the game! You can find more on the TF2 website. TeamfortressDOTcom. Replace the DOT with an .

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Clonewars Roleplay {Senior Admin}

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Sadly, it seems a lot of the TF2 players are unhappy with the removal of Valve servers and the Quick Play system (proof here).


Players have to calm down and give community servers some time. It hasn't even been 24 hours yet and everybody is flipping out.


Now yes, I will agree, the amount of bad servers outnumber the amount of good servers. The truth is, back when Valve killed off community servers a few years back, they surprisingly killed off the good community servers while the bad servers still survived. If Valve gives community servers a chance again, many great community servers will start being made again. That said, Valve has announced on the mailing list that servers will require a valid Steam account to access certain features in the future. What does this mean? I would imagine if Quick Play gets added back (which it likely will), Valve will do their best to disqualify the bad servers from the Quick Play pool which will help great community servers like ours a lot.


This is just my opinion. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it goes.



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