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okie dokie, back to buissness as usual :D my favorite thing to do here in GFL work on the beloved tf2 surf server :P 

now snoopy if possible can we make it so the rtd can used once per life rather than every 120 seconds or so? as well if we could make it so that it can be used by more than 1 person that would be great. You have received alot of love from the players, they are very pleased with the !bhop plugin "the best bhop iv ever seen on any game" "this is what bhop in tf2 should feel like" " tell the guy who made this plugin its perfect" so i wanted to relay the messages. !nofall is working just fine however players have noted that for 5$ donation the plug in just dosnt seem wortht the bang for the buck i have heard that making holloween items avalible for donators considerable. Moving forward to our population, it seems weve been rising in popularity recently we have had some regulars they say that the server feels nice because its not so crowded they like that its a more laxx server with less of the DM vibe and more of a surf dm trade style of playing. i wanted to do a "community" sort of post to start off on this servers thread a positive sort of arua for the page :3 Stay sexy stay active i love you all peace!

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