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[Discord] Gaming bot feedback

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So, yesterday, I added Discord bot just for fun and to play games. Now, I'd like to see some new feedback. 


Things to discuss: 

  • Should we keep the bot, creating a category just for it?
    • Doing this will create the channels, such as, slots, racing, hangman, etc. (I would prefer if we keep it short). - Suggested by @RockRoyce
      • My suggestion to merge with Royce's - slots and games would be ideal.
  • Should we have a tournament based on Tic Tac Toe, Connect4, and animal racing? If so, should we have a temporary role for the winner?
  • Do you want to see more fun events based on the bots?


Depending on how it goes, I'll keep the bot limited in #games under event category.





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I think you should keep the channel, just for fun, seeing how many members, (me included :P) have a lot of fun just playing around with the bot. The commands, etc...should be written somewhere tho. 

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