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Munich Shootings

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5 minutes ago, Major_Push said:

Some of the reports are saying that it might not be ISIS related.


I'm curious who/what it is, then.

They(news) say they claimed it.


3 minutes ago, LittleRing said:

So much information to go off of...

It seems like these shootings are happening more often.


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It's gonna get to a point where shootings are like thunderstorms. Fucking hell.


Oh, wait, shootings are probably more common now. :/

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Honestly, shootings may have increased, or at least the exposure to them has, but I doubt a world war will commence due to this.  As for the Daesh claiming the shooting, they will claim anything they possibly can as their doing.  They want their name to be spread out far and wide, and with their name, fear to be with it.  The last shooting they claimed, the man had no religious ties whatsoever, people actually told authorities he denounced religion, and no communication with anyone outside of the US.  


You're going to have to take things with a grain of salt for a bit as so much fear mongering has been going on it's getting to the point of madness.  I'd make a video on this if I wasn't a lazy pos tbh.

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The media seems to be reporting different things.


There's a lot of details that are unknown right now. In a video that supposedly has the shooter seen on the roof of a parking structure arguing with someone, it sounds like his motivations were not based around religious extremism. At least, according to translations, that is. It reminded me of those school shooters in the U.S.


But then again, those individuals are the ones who are probably most prone to joining a radical group so they feel like they have a purpose. So who knows? Anyway, may those who lost their lives rest in peace. 




From reddit: 




Not sure how accurate it is, but I think it's fairly accurate.



The shooter killed himself so I wouldn't be surprised if ISIS comes along claiming that it was their work. 

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