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SCP Tweaks

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Posted  Edited by Spode - Edit Reason: Improving the Tweaks

So Here's some minor tweaks to make scps way better to play, or less annoying and cheap. So here it is. They aren't in any order so.





Really nothing to tweak. Maybe 035 could only side with Class-D, since the Researchers already get help with MTF.






He plays pretty fair now so no complaints, but I've noticed if you get hit by him in darker areas, you cannot see due to your screen being red. I understand 457 burning you to make it red, but this isn't like that I don't think. This can sort many problems in areas like heavy containment.





First off, 017's model needs to be able to walk through, like with class d's where you can walk through their model. I've seen people take advantage with it in specific circumstances as when 017 stands and blocks you from leaving waiting for its shadow attack to cooldown. He is a shadow after all, so you should be able to walk through it. Also, I think 017 should have a better looking model, than a torched corpse.





I've heard an argument that what if 106 could teleport through walls, which is a problem for balancing and annoyance. But an easy medium could be where he can just walk through doors like in deathmatch. Also his model seems weirdly bright which should be tweaked, and maybe some particle effects wouldn't look to bad.






372 has bad health, which is good since it makes the player play stealthy and careful. I had noticed though that his hit range is really hard to nail, maybe that was on purpose but it is really hard to hit people. Maybe increase the range. Also his antlion model should get an upgrade.




He is one annoying scp, in a good way. Not really anything to tweak except. Why does he take flamethrower fire damage?!?! Also, he doesn't get points, which I know was already addressed. His model also should get in upgrade as well.




His swep kinda sucks. At least add a crosshair to it so I know where I'm hitting. Also, he needs a better model than the fat kid.




He is pretty balanced, except his hit ranged should be increased a little. It is kinda like a dancing game when your prey is blinded due to them bouncing around. 







He is pretty fair. From what I've heard he needs a recloaking ability. Also, when you hit someone, it also makes your screen go completely red. It is an annoyance to try to make your way.







Minor critique, Make the camera for the model in front, so it doesn't make 682's head stick through doors, and so you don't take damage when it clips through. There is really know medium for it, since the back would stick through if the camera was in front. Also, cant make the model physical due to it being so big in small corridors. 







What an interesting scp that is not even following cannon. Anyways, Mr Z stated that what if there was a menu for choosing what you want to disguise as. Good Idea. Also what if you could get escorted by MTF for lots of points? That could be a potential achievement.





is fine.






Needs more health. Fuck it, just make it heal itself. Make it only get escorted for little points. Maybe a cuter model. He is the melee kirby of breach. Buff Him Up, just please don't cut this guy out.






Only played like once, still don't really know.






I know he is like part of the map or something, but just make him work some how.








I am pretty sure that is all of them, and please tell me what you think. Credits go to @Mr Z for his topic format. I'm don't want you to think this all needs to be implemented, but I think it would make the scps perfect. That's all. -Spode




















Edited by Spode
Improving the Tweaks

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1 minute ago, Spode said:


His swep kinda sucks. At least add a crosshair to it so I know where I'm hitting. Also, he needs a better model than the fat kid.

he's getting removed soon


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6 hours ago, Spode said:

The Bear Which scp # idk

Only played like once, don't really know.

Its SCP-1048


I Like them all except 035's, and 106's




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682: If you did that his back model would be stupid

939: He needs re-cloaking method.

076-2: Hes a nice play but he is just a filler SCP, Filler SCPs are just copy and pastes of themselves. They have no interesting

             features and just feel repetitive. Examples of this is 082. They're usually just W+M1 Characters. Sorry Xy but 076 is not

             fun to play against or as












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