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My Take on The Current State of Affairs

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     Honestly, I see far too many people jumping ship because things are getting hairy here. If anything, this is gunna be the reason GFL dies, if it dies, which hopefully it doesn't.

     All this fear mongering and a couple isolated incidents, that just so happened to coincide.

First it was SoJa, and people got scared, then we had the whole BotoX/Juky/Shini episode because they feared they would lose what they worked towards. As Roy said, I can understand where they came from in making that move, but it was still downright wrong. And then we had the whole doxxing fiasco. (All said and done, that dox didn't really pose THAT much of a threat to anyone.)

     Now I'm not gunna say we should pretend none of that happened, no. It definitely did happen, and GFL took a big hit from it all. But this is where we learn, and improve. We should remember what happened, and acknowledge it, but we can't just let it loom over us, we need to carry on and not look back.

     Right now we're in a rough spot, sure. No one can deny that. But this is where GFL renews itself and we turn a new leaf. With all these old regulars jumping ship though, it's really slamming the morale of the community.

     Look at all of these recent resignations, ranging from newbies to veterans, and everywhere in-between. Just, give it time. It won't be too long before we come back to greatness. We're rebuilding everything from the ground up, and we're taking big steps towards a resurgence.


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Why you guys so negative about things? We had doxing problem? Wow, I must be behind in time. 

I'm unsure of this, but I'm pretty sure it's mostly CS:S side that's dying out. GMOD side has always been like this for the past year, cs:go same situation, but eh. People lost interest because of two situations: (1) Life and (2) Everyone is leaving. 

To be exact, Botox/Juky/Shini were and came from the same boat from SoJa. But uh, I don't think it's fear that they did, it's more of something else. You'll probably understand it more after years and years with GFL; sides of betrayal and stuff like that. But I honestly have no idea why this is being discussed, I thought we moved on.

I don't think anyone forgot about it, I'm pretty sure everyone just wants to move on over it. It shouldn't be something to be remembered at all, like literally, why would you want to remember something that's so negative and gives you a huge impact toward the server and community itself? Sure, you can add it into a timeline of what happened. But it shouldn't be a day to remember every year like some sort of celebration or funeral. 



But honestly, I don't think that's a reason why people are leaving. A few may have said it, but there's a ton that didn't say anything but left. Although they may have either resigned or just plain quit, but it doesn't mean they're gone forever. They'll still be on and playing. But I really have a feeling this entire thread is mostly directed to CS:S because of all the context of it in overall details. So in truth, donations is important at the moment for the server and community itself.


credits to @Clavers

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