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SCP-4205(In the eyes of the Beholder)

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Yo, saw this article, decided to make a suggestion for it. Incredibly similar to an old suggestion i had for 513


Brief Description:

SCP-4205 is a pair of ember eyes that causes rapid brain death in most people who view it. However, in a few cases it instead takes a prolonged amount of exposure to the scp in order to suffer the terminal effects of exposure. 


Brief gameplay description:

Health: 500(Maybe lower, maybe higher)

Invisible until it reveals itself

Staring at SCP-4205 causes you to take rapid damage(think 066's damage ticks but slightly faster) and slows you. The slow is permament until a healing item is used.

Cannot break gates


Health is low due to the effect. Note that due to the abundance of healing items in the entrance zone, this SCP is easier to deal with before it reaches the surface, a stark contrast to most scps. 


Might need a flickering effect like 372's except without the name tag showing up in order to prevent it from being super easy to just sneak outside without ever turning visible.


Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=519434258&searchtext=Eyes (Im aware its only a single eye, and has no animations, but should work fine regardless).

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