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The most s̶t̶u̶p̶i̶d̶ best SCP Suggestion

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so i thik that we need more lore wit the scp so tis sugestien is to help fix all of them probloms so lets start


scp 173 is way to slow so i suggest tht 173 should be able to move at all times and not tat stopid mechanic of 173 only moving when not looked at


also we need to romove the blinking mechanic becuz th blink echanic is op and it shoulds be romoved


next is scp 096. spc 096 is way too op so we need nerf him so let give him rage at all times so he weak now


scp 682 is aso way to strong so let nerf his hitbox to the hitbox of 372s attak


nex is scp 689. scp 689 is way to overpowred so lets buff his lore by making have no mov speed


scp 372 is also op so makes him has no attack and no leap so he is balanced. i stil believe 372 is op even with these nerfs


now w3e wil tal abot other teams


th mtf team shold be abl to team wit classd since reserchers cn team with both mtf amd classd


classd should be has 200 extr health becuz it unfair if 035 ha more health thn classd


reserchers shold spawn wit clef shotgun becuz it unfair for 1 resercher to gete shotgun


mtf alo shold hav slam becaus it unfair for onle ci to has slams


scp 500 shold let you has infinite helth cuz it scp and scp strong


scp 999 should have 50 health becase it jelly amd i hate jelly gross


now tis where i talks abot removig stuf


scp 066 scp 106 scp 049 scp 610 scp 457 scp 334 and scp 017 shold all b removed cuz they all op and i hate op gross


scp 795 shold has buf so it has inf helth and inf attck demage so it god


scp 2845 sold be nerf to has no attak and no other broken stuff so it only walk and that it


te serpent hand shold be op since on scp team and scp team mean strog


chaos insugents shold have 125 helth and 2 helth regen ever 1 second amd shotgun so it op and kill mtf easiy



well tat it and tank u for reading all of tis. i hopes alls this gets adds so everlything is balancedd

and befre i submits thiss tobic i mus say 1 thang.


The Researcher Kleiner Skin is the best skin.

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also remove 2845 becas he dee.r and im afriad of deers >:)(


and everyone spawns with a levle 5 keycar bc its not fiar to have omly MTf get that


and the nke shoulndt havve keycrad door


-1 fuck you maximino you stunpid fuckign bicth i will beat you to. death

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