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falsely banned

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Posted  Edited by zmg2002

name is zac aka zmg2002

steam id is STEAM_0:1:56162358


I was banned about 10 minutes ago for rdm and leave or as the trial admin put it rdm and leaf. I didn't rdm I wasn't reported and I didn't leave so I am immensely confused as to why I was banned for something I didn't do. I would like to be unbanned for this false ban and I would like to know why the trial admin pulsegenerator banned me for no reason. I want him to be punished if possible because I did nothing wrong if someone on the admin side can tel me what I actually did I would be less upset but no one even reported me for anything I played 2 round one round I was a t and the other round I was inno but I never left the server.


*DEAD* [GFL Trial Admin] Pulsegenorator: !aslayid STEAM_0:1:56162358 1 RDM and LEAF
TTT:   anonymous_child found the body of NFunchal. They were Innocent.
Pulsegenorator added 1 autoslays to You with the reason : 'RDM and LEAF'
Stuck in spec? Type !join to enter the game.
*DEAD* [Harpoon King] UnknownTimes: knew it
*DEAD* [GFL Trial Admin] Pulsegenorator: !sbanid STEAM_0:1:56162358 6h RDM and LEAF
Disconnect: RDM and LEAF.
Disconnect: RDM and LEAF.

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Posted  Edited by TimeForYouToGetAWatch
28 minutes ago, zmg2002 said:

@TimeForYouToGetAWatch hes in game he wont come look at it


I just tagged him so it’s easier for him to locate it, also notifications 

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