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Ban Appeal

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Name: robot10


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:66470542


Banned by: Console


Ban reason: Karma Ban


Why you should be unbanned:

I feel as though I should be unbanned because almost all of my karma loss came from my Traitor rounds.  Almost every round i was a T, I ran into the T room and hit the traps.  Before I did this, however, I would type in traitor chat "tnt and nether traps."  Despite this warning, my T buddies would die from the traps by running into the nether before the trap was activated or by being hit by the minecart.  This happened around 5 times and brought my karma down to around 800.  I was also attempt rdmed randomly by an innocent terrorist one round, and I killed him, which brought my Karma even lower.  The round I got banned from was the only round where I feel as though I caused the problem.  I was standing under the land bridge next to the hut with a person next to me with a rifle and someone in the water.  I was looking at the water when I heard a rifle shot and the person in the water died.  Assuming that the person next to me had shot him, even though I didn't see it happen, I killed him.  This is my fault as I did not see the shot, so I should not have killed the person next to me.  No admin was on at the time, so I apologized and said I would kill myself the next round.  However, at round end my karma dropped below the ban point and I was kicked.  Thank you for taking the time to look at this.

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