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Coming For Ya Unban Appeal

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Name: ComingForYa


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52381865


Banned by: didnt tell me who i think PB-Nj


Ban reason:  For killing 1 traitor, and 2 innos for passing up bodies that were not identified. even after i gave them moments to do so, they kept on going up  the tower instead of id'ing which is KOSABLE. so i kos'd them and i won the round. 


Why you should be unbanned: I believe this was a false ban as I never got a chance to give my side of the story getting banned as soon as i was filling out the report response. this is pretty lame since i was just following the rules on what players have TO DO and that is ID bodies, and since i never got to share my side of why this is a mistake im fairly upset i have to sit out and cant play on the server at the time being.

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The website keeps eating my replies.




Nil banned you a month ago for Mass RDM as well. Please be mindful that your next ban is a month.















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