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Exposing Kim (again)

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Welcome back everybody i am your host FUCKKKKBOIIIIII FREEKSTAR, lets get right into the juicy noose. I am back with my second last exposing, my next one will come sometime in the upcoming days so stay tuned. I am here Exposing Kim once again, no not Dimitri Kim Ruski, but Danish Kim Roll which is an alias name for hackingpotato. This vicious, disgusting, revolting, maggot infested, moldy human being has stolen Vodka from our very own Wilford brimley. This cannot be tolerated and i think a quick demotion and execution of this individual (who is clearly both of these figures) and a rank bestowed to myself Freekstar should be wrathful and swift. Thank you for tuning in to the second last exposing of Freekstar GFLs very own DramaAlert.

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