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Ban Appeal

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Name: in the nether


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:124795446


Banned by: SkydivingSquid


Ban reason: targetting players (Toothless) + long ban history


Why you should be unbanned: I'm finding it very difficult to write something that sounds as sincere as possible, so I'm just gonna say it: I want to be unbanned because I actually like the staff on this server, they're chill with certain rules yet are able to keep everything under control at all times. Sure they ban me a lot, but they're just doing their job. This message probably won't cut it, considering I'm permanently banned, so I have a deal: In exchange for my unban, I'm allowing myself to be permanently muted + gagged. I don't care if I have no way to communicate, that's how much I love just being on this server alone. Now, as for the targetting part of the ban, I never actually killed or even attempted to kill that Toothless guy, it was some other guy that was actually doing it and dragging me into it. The most I did was call a "KOS" pre-round, so it was obviously invalid. Anyways hope you guys read through this and can give me one last chance. I've been playing on this server for a little over 2 years and I would like to continue :D

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Guest SkydivingSquid
Posted  Edited by SkydivingSquid


You have 8 total bans; 5 of which are for 1bannable offenses, and 1 CONSOLE bans for karma (which could be interpreted as a possible mass RDM while staff were not online). 

Att mass, mass, ghosting, targeting, etc. are “stackable” offenses. 
First offense:          1 week
Second offense:    1 month
Third offense:        Permanent ban


You have at least 5. 

During that round both yourself and Agonza were targeting Toothless, both pre-round and during the round, calling KOS on Toothless, searching for him, and killing him. I intentionally didn’t slay either of you after you had RDM reports in the report manager, and instead waited 3 rounds to see if it would continue - and it did. You killed Toothless the first round and Agonza killed him the consecutive two - but you were both actively searching for him and verbally trying to get him killed.

Despite that, I find your appeal to be sincere.

I will reduce your ban-length to 1w, starting yesterday. I feel this is more than fair. 

Please understand that if you are found guilty of att mass, mass, ghosting, or targeting you can be
permanently banned. You can appeal your perm-bans, however standard protocol advises Admin to deny appeals until 1 year of the ban has been served. 

I look forward to seeing you next weekend.

Squid 🦑




Edited by SkydivingSquid

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