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New Public Relations Application

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Discord Username? (leave blank if you don't want it revealed) Speedier#6757


Why do you think you'd be a good fit for the team? Well, to start off, I was apart of the team before, but I was removed after the changes were made and the Youtube section was "relocated". I would like to rejoin the team and help out PR and try to "revive" it because if you take a look at the channel, the twitter, or anything on social media, it is very inactive. The last tweet was in March about anycast, and no videos are being put up. I do have access to the YouTube channel still, but I don't have anything to put up. The social media part of PR is just dead, I want to make it actually active and keep PR going. 



Social Media


What is your age? 15


Do you have any prior experience? Yes, I was apart of PR before, and I have some other roles in GFL.


How much time would you honestly dedicate into PR weekly? 2-4 hours (Depends on what I am tasked with)


Public Relations members, please +1 or -1 this application with an explanation for your vote.

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+1 on social media end, I've seen a lot of inactivity, even when I was TL. Would be nice to see it go active again. I can vouch for his activity, he does streams on his Twitch, could possible stream on GFL Twitch, or even upload videos on the YouTube channel. As for member acceptor, I don't see the need to make it "official" since technically Server Managers are already "Member Acceptors" in a way.

Former Gmod Prop Hunt Admin

Former Media Team Team Leader

Former Media Team GFX Member

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With the undergoing changes to Public Relations, we've removed Social Media, therefore this application will be automatically denied. 


Thanks for your interest! 





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