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(TTT) Apologize and How I do I fix my karma to get unban from the servers

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Posted  Edited by Martz

Name:Insane Rabbit


Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:38008752


Banned by: The Server


Ban reason: Low Karma


Why you should be unbanned:

I only got banned from TTT and now can't play in any other server like prop hunt. I apologize to act like an idiot in the game of TTT, that game is not easy, not easy to not do RDM. ( I think I'll quit TTT for that). I got banned by low karma. How can I fix this. or get unban cuz I cannot play in the other servers and I like GFL prop hunt server. 


This is a Unban request and I apologize by do RDM anyways if was by accident, I'm sorry.


(and sorry for my bad english) 


thanks for reading.

Edited by Martz

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I banned like 5 people for mass rdm this morning... You were either one of the toxic ones who responded with WADWDAWDWADA on every report, insulted players or you were the 1 guy who made multiple mistakes that I ended up banning for mass rdm, and I cant remember. That being said, you still DID Mass RDM on the server.  Though, I'd like to hear what happened from your POV, if you remember and care to tell.

I'll await your response to this, and then make a decision.



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