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SCP-682 Alternate

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Based On Kaitos Version Of My Boss Battle Idea, How About 682 Gets A Bit More Chaotic...


SCP-682 Will Get One Of These Abilities Every Minute


Ability 1: Hunter

SCP-682 Will Be In Sprint Mode Forever In The Ability And Able To See People Through Walls, Also Able To Cloak, Cannot Sprint If In Cloak Mode


Ability 2: Acid Spit

Since 682 Swallowed Some Of His Acid In His Chamber He Could Vomit Acid And Harm Humans Alot, 682 Will Not Be Able To Sprint, But Able To Still Use Melee, 682 Will Be As Fast As A Walking Human, And Able To Vomit Acid On People, Does 60 Damage When Lands On Human, The Player Will Start To Loose 2 Health Per Second, The Effect Wears Off In 10 Seconds Cooldown 3 Seconds Range: infinite


Ability 3: Friend (Very Rare To Get)

Able To Summon A 079, If The Player Summoned A 079, The Player Will Rely On 682s Old Attacks Until 682 Gets Another Ability


Ability 4: Rage (Rare To Get)

Able To Always Sprint, Able To Melee And Spit Acid


Ability 5: Agile

Able To Leap Like 372, And Do 45 Damage Per Shot


Ability 6: Destroyer (final ability meaning I'm  not gonna bother making anymore abilities unless someone gets me an idea in replies)

SCP-682 Will Be Able To Break Doors, Forcing Them To Stay Open With Left Click. SCP-682 Will Be As Fast As A Normal Player, And As A Right Click, Able To Roar Loudly Stunning Players Nearby. Cooldowm: 15  Seconds





Edited by Mari

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