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SCP-668 Changes

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Okay, so I really enjoy the idea of the Chef's Knife. However, in its current iteration, it can't really be used. In my experience so far, the knife is rare to find. Even rarer is a scenario where it can be used stealthily. Class-D? Why not use a gun. Maynard? Sure, but you risk your entire cover. You'd use a gun.

I believe that Doomnack's original idea for the knife would be more viable in the current gun meta. 


His idea:

-On hit: both you and your victim become invisible from other players.

-On hit: victim is stripped of all weapons temporarily. (I mean, we did this for the earlier cat)


-User can still take damage from outside sources.

-After 10 seconds of not being damaged, the effects disappear.

-Upon death of victim: effects disappear.

One more addition: the attacker only can use the knife once he hits the victim until the effect disappears.


In this form, it actually makes the victim nearly helpless. As well, this melee weapon would be a neat alternative from the much simpler bullet.

With the idea, the melee weapon could be used to sneak attack or to actually push a hostile that is nearby. I also think the damage should be kept the same as the hitreg on the knife seems iffy.


It could even create some strategy:

Imagine - 2 D Class are at Gate B elevator. TRO/NTF are at the surface for whatever reason. Classic scenario.

They're done for right? Wrong.

Class-D A purposely stabs Class-D B and both turn invisible.

Either the Class-Ds can attempt to ambush the guards with Class-D B being injured, or they can both run for the escape.


What do you guys think? Please let me know.

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