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Resetted Win10 PC, now on Win8

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So a virus got onto my computer, and I had to reset my Windows 10 PC. There probably was a better solution, but it's too late for that now. After resetting, I've found a different layout. I searched for the settings, and the PC info said that I was running Windows 8.1. I really hope there is a way back to Windows 10 because Win8 is so shitty.


I've contacted Microsoft Support and they have provided me with a link to a Windwos 10 free upgrade, despite the free upgrade ending on July 29th. Will update when the install is finished.


I now have Windows 10 back, thanks to Eduard G, you the real G (Microsoft Customer Support Dude)

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Windows 10 buddies!


I upgraded the second time because why not, I was already trying to put my computer back the way it was and decided to. Oh, and I didn't want to test which of my shit was compatible with windows 7 or not.

I upgraded the first because I didn't want windows 8 anymore.

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I still have the dvd copy of Windows 7 Ultimate that I can migrate to any computer I chose (one at a time though). I still use it. Feels good. Also rejected the free Windows 10 offer cause every program I need for work (and back to school in the coming future) supports only up to 7. Heck some only support up to Windows XP in which I go to XP mode. Still, could be worse. Try going back to MS-DOS using Win98! For that I have an old PAC 64 network sniffer exactly like this:




LOL forgot every single command, the CD drive is dead, and oh noes no USB (it does have USB 1.0 but no driver for it LOL). Sad part is there is actually still a use for this old as fuck OS on this old as fuck comp. Especially in the public sector. The reason for this is cause its expensive as fuck to develop new programs to say for example test equipment or a military indexing system (think from food storage to nuclear use) for every latest OS update out there. Windows 10 currently is only useful to get that latest DirectX imo or if you're a well established private sector programmer (say for Google) trying to R&D "something" compatible with the latest OS.


TL;DR: The point of this post is to say if you are going to school aka college (even highschool nowadays), a downgrade is actually a blessing (especially to Win7). Professors, teachers and even the workplace (like the medical lab I work at) use programs developed back in the day with little motivation to upgrade to the latest experimental OS. If however you don't worry about stuff like that and only game and using the comp occasionally then knock yourself out updating.

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