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Discord Ban Appeal (I want to apologize for everything that I have done that are considered to be mistakes)

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I don't think templates are needed for discord. During these 2 months I am well behaved and did not bother anyone to ask the admins or server manager to unban me on discord or server. I can guarantee that everything I said here are 100 % true (no lies at all, I also won't hide anything that I have done within these 2 months that might influence my chance of getting unbanned). After I was unbanned in the "Not Gay Server" discord group around early June, I was all well behaved but then Luuu. who was in the group too, told me that if I talk in mic, Elemental would unblock me and add me as friends again. Seconds after Luuu. told me that, Elemental & Mercy both joined the group at the same time and then I just did what they said (talk in mic). Afterwards Elemental really did unblocked me & befriended me. Then we just talk about stuffs etc, during the conversation with them, I repeatedly called Elemental's voice too cute but he is fine with what I said. Only when I started saying that I wanted to be molested, eaten & digested by Elemental then he started to block me & unfriend me as he felt creeped out by what I said, I apologized to Elemental & Luuu. too and promised to talk to them like a normal person (I am really sorry for creeping you out @Elemental 😔😓😧, I am sorry too @Luuu.). Thats all that happened for the "Not Gay Server" discord group. I was unbanned on PSE months ago, pretty much all I did was asking Ggzfeng & Neptune to tell Elemental that I miss him on my behalf (I was blocked during this time so there is no way for me to pm Elemental). Thats all for PSE. I was unbanned on GFL public discord few days ago, I was well behaved and did not cause any trouble, all I did was tagging the higher ups for advice on what can I do about my GFL ze server ban because I really wanted to be forgiven but my ban appeals kept getting denied many times which is why I asked for their advice, I also did not spam when asking ther higher ups for advice too btw. The moment @Cobra warned me to stop, I stopped asking immediately. Thats all for GFL public discord. I knew very well that I made a lot of mistakes which got me my bad reputation but we all knew that we can't go back to the past to change the mistakes we made, but we can learn from our mistakes and turn over a new leaf (past - mistakes, present - reflect on past mistakes & then turn over a new leaf, future - good reputation). How I wish there is a time machine but *nahh time machine doesn't exist*. All I ask for is forgiveness (nothing more nothing less). Yes I knew that the probability of me getting unbanned on server is 0.01 % because I was given lots of chances by the admin team yet I kept repeating my mistakes, *regret is something I do not want to feel at all but it has happened*. The reason I do not want to give up is because GFL ze is really my number most favourite ze server to play on tbh. Its really depressing to know that I will be banned forever on my most favourite server. At the current state which I got myself into, discord seems to be my only hope of getting unbanned on the server (e.g. I behave well in discord and the admin team sees it, I might get unbanned on server eventually). I really hope that the admin team could see & feel the sincerity in me. If I wasn't sincere, I would've just type " Unban me in discord please because I have learnt my mistakes " instead of the long paragraph above. Lastly, I seek for all of your forgiveness, compassion & mercy 😭😢🙏. I spent approximately 1 hour typing this out sincerely.@xSnowyAngel








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You're permabanned on our servers for incidents caused by yourself, you were banned from all discords until someone gave you a second chance which you're already blowing it seems. 


This does not look good, friends. 







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