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Posted  Edited by natasha4984
Natasha Rosloniec
Age 17
Play-time 82 hours

Why do you want to become an admin?  I was wanting to become a admin because i was wanting to inform others. One reason becoming a admin will help me is that I will keep people in check from breaking the rules. i am active on the and wish the best the best for it, as it is
 a favorite i would like to let people know about the rules if they don't know or break the rules I will not over use the rules if I become admin. Also I will follow the rules that I am suppose to use.
Why should we accept you? The reason i should be accepted is because i know all of the rules and that i am very recent in the mini games to and i play every day. I try to become more of a friend than a enemy when it becomes to trouble makers i simply would tell them the rules if they don't follow them i will ct ban them for how bad they break the rules. 
Extra information:  I believe I am highly qualified for this position and believe I will be a nice addition to the GFL Team. I can enter the game any time because i play daily on mini game. I may be a little hot headed because I dislike when kids that are under twelve being warden and not knowing what to do but most of the time I am nice. I also currently don't have a mic right know because I spilled some liquid on it and the mic never worked after that.
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Posted  Edited by Leks

Thank you for applying, @natasha4984.

By Play-time, we mean time played on the server. I took a couple minutes off my "busy" schedule to look up for you. It is 82,88 Hours.
I've never seen you on CT because you don't have a microphone, which, I believe, is a major drawback hence you can't think from the CT's perspective efficiently.

Even though you play often, which is really nice to see, you seem to be a little hot-headed.


For now, my decision is neutral.




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Hello natasha,


That is a pretty hefty amount of hours you have there. Regardless of that if I can be honest I have never really seen you on the server.. That might be my lack of awareness or maybe because you don't have a microphone but that makes it pretty hard for me to give a good opinion.


Because of this I'm going to have to stay neutral for now. If you ever see me in the server say hi so I can get to know you a little better.

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Hey @natasha4984 here's my view:

  1. You are very active on the server and even without a mic you have built your own relationship with the community!
  2. You know the rules and i believe you also understand them as well.
  3. You do have fun with other players whilst online


But the downsides at the moment for me are:

  1. You don't have a mic which means i've never seen you swap over to CT and take control of the warden position... I would prefer that you had the chance to show us that you know and understand how to play both sides. That might not sound like much but being able to understand where mistakes can arise and how to deal with them whilst also making the game fun is an important skill, that i personally look for.
  2. You kill me far too often and are too good at rebelling!! XD

I'm am currently leaning to a +1 but i have to stay Neutral until you get a headset



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Im going to deny this application due to his inactivity and criticism given from the staff.



Please listen to the staff about why they gave their vote and improve in those areas before replying in the future.






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