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Jonesytime's Ban Appeal

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Name: Jonesytime


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:78317269


Banned by: HoxenShatteredRulez


Ban reason: Preventing People from using Diamond blocks


Why you should be unbanned: I looked over the MOTD and under rules no where does it say innocents cannot get rid of diamond blocks. I understand people will call kos on me, but according to the rules there is only 3 things that can get me permanent banned,

Permanent for 3rd week ban.

  • Permanent for hacking.
  • Permanent for advertising.
  • Permanent for high amount of bans.


I have not committed any of these things, which is why the ban is completely out of line. I go on the server and prefer not to have innocents win via the diamond block win because I feel it takes away from the game. I never RDM and play by the rules, so I feel that I should be unbanned permanently at the least.

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As someone who was there, hoxen asked you multiple times to stop hiding it 

and warned you that if you continued you would be banned.

And you did. 
When you consistently do this and make people RDM you, they lose karma

and may even be karma banned for it. And thats not cool

just because youre salty about hiding the diamond blocks.
If you dont like the diamond block ending, Im assuimg its because

you had a T round ruined by it. Which is the T's own fault btw. 
You can easily get rid of the D block by running in T room with it or putting it

through the first floor window.
Bottom line, you were consistently doing it which causing an issue

for the admins who have to deal with this, even after you were

asked to stop.

The fourth or fifth rule of the motd is:OBEY THE ADMINS

That means, even if they make a call you dont

agree with, bitching and doing the opposite isnt

going to help your case. 

you deserve some sort of ban. But perma may be a bit much.

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I'm Not denying that I don't deserve a ban, but I do believe it shouldn't be Permanent. People losing Karma is something I forgot about, and I apologize for that, but as this is my first offensive, I don't think I should be banned forever, additionally for something that isn't on the things a person has too do to be permanently banned

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20 minutes ago, Lawlness_ said:

This is not a bannable offence, i've never seen or done this before from all my time playing on this server, i'd like to hear the response.


there has been ALOT of shit the last few days about this and karma baiting and blah blah blah 

Although he doesnt say explicitly to ban if it continues, but that hopefully !aslwaying will heed the need of further punihsment. 

I think a week ban would suffice.

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As of now, the ban in question has expired. To state: One was given by Hoxen (a 6-hour ban) and a second was given by myPhart (a 1-day ban). It has been 24 hours and both bans have expired. If you like, you can message Violator with any concerns. Unless someone objects I am requesting this to be closed.


@Rcool64 - Close please?













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