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Would you like a "Goofy Friday Night Event"?

Goofy Friday Night Event  

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  1. 1. Which ideas do you like the most? (multiple choices)

    • Hide N Seek Event
    • Shotguns and Snipers Event
    • Humans are Powerless Event
    • Rather Dead than Red Event
    • Confusing Shreking

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Posted  Edited by Kim

So last night I was goofing around before the event and some people came up with the idea of doing things with zclass and such.
I have done it before in my days of controlling the server and I was thinking that was not a bad idea, but it would obviously take some time and shouldn't be done in a rush as any mistypo will just crash the server.

 Here are some potentially ideas for an event;

Event - Hide N Seek

Map: dz_blacksite, cs_insertion
zclass: Humans get half invisible predators, Zombies get facehuggers (Could be other way around)
Weapons: Knife super buffed


Event - Shotguns and Snipers

Map: Any
zclass: Default
Weapons: Shotguns and AWP only

Event - Humans are Powerless

Map: Any
zclass: Make perks for zombies(Attacker, Tanker, Jumpy), 
Weapons: Default


Event - Rather Dead than Red

Map: cs/de maps
zclass: Humans will need multiple knife hits before infection
Weapons: Pistols 


Event - Confusing Shreking

Map: Default
zclass: Everyone is Shrek, you dont know who is the real zombie!
Weapons: Default

This is just ideas, if you like it I will discuss with the admins and the current management.
If you have more goofy ideas feel free post it :)

Edited by Kim

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