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Buff Throwing Knives

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Posted  Edited by Mad_Father

To be honest, I am happy with the addition of throwing knives, but the damage output of the knives is just underwhelming.


For example, right before the reset, the throwing knives are introduced on US server and I tested out on other players by throwing them (expecting it to be at least usable), the result meh, it's like a using a spoon to kill someone (+1 if you get the reference). After the reset, everyone's health was set back to default 100, the knives were some how usable again because with 28-to-body and 63-to-head one can actually kill someone with 100 health. But sooner or later, players will start to upgrade their health, health regeneration, and vampire, with these upgrades, the throwing knives are just going be too weak to go against fully armed RPG player just like in a RPG game.


Even regular knives at max damage deal more damage than throwing knives.


Found the site for the plugin, but seems like none of the cmds from this plugin workds.




If possible I will try to edit src code to mod the damage a bit later (I can probably do it since I do try to mod some of existing plugins for 1.6 to my liking) , but it seems like the version we have is already been modded by Roy.


As a conclusion, I can feel the lack of damage from throwing knives like the rest of us.


Edited by Mad_Father


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