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Extend the ze_AESTHETIC cooldown?

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AES has been played right off cooldown for a while now. I have seen players of the community express their their unwillingness to play the map or put in their full effort due to being burnt out.


I propose that the aesthetic cooldown be set from anywhere between 90 to 120 maps cooldown, just like how minas has a long cooldown, to avoid the map from being spammed and prevent burnout.

This way, each attempt at the map will feel more significant, and there is something at stake, as the map will be unavailable for a long time if played.


Do you think aesthetic should receive a longer cooldown?

What do you think is an appropriate cooldown for aes?

Disagree with me? thats ok, everybody is allowed to have opinions, even if they are wrong.   Feel free to share your thoughts below :).

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Im looking back though that map tracking now and it is played a lot but it definitely isn't spamed that much looking at the map tracker. i think the case might be that whenever you have been on you have been unlucky (or lucky) enough to see it played a lot. and i definitely don't see the kind of map spam that would warrant a longer cd imo. 

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