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Neon Cat

Defining Definitions

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Posted  Edited by Neon Cat

Ok, so how this game works is you will define the last person's word IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and then choose a word out of your definition for the next person to define. Please try not to just add random words into your definition, but you can write your definition any way you want.
Example below.


Person 1: > Car


Person 2: A vehicle on 4 wheels with an engine.

                 > Engine


Person 3: A device that converts energy into motion, and goes "VROOM VROOM!!!"

                 > Device


So as you can see, you can be silly as long as it stays on topic of the word. Please do not use this for conversation.

I will start with the first word:

> Beehive

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Posted  Edited by Zexired

hasn't been touched in a week but whatever
A constant desire or requirement for some form of attention, usually emotionally.

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