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Zombie - Kill, kill, kill!

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Hey everyone!


I've been thinking here about ZE CS:GO server zombies and I'm worried if I'm the only one who does that 😄


Obviously when you're a zombie, you kill CTs and make them not reach their goal but...

When I see that CTs are not managing the defence for multiple rounds then I'm not going to attack them because I want CT to reach their goal.

In my own opinion, when seeing a problem then I should help them or atleast give them a chance to finish.

But I also rarely attack CTs 😄 


I just want to know if I'm the only one who's trying to help CTs out sometimes.



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Posted  Edited by Smrize
9 hours ago, Transmission said:

Reported, teaming is against the GFL ZE rules


Hey, @Transmission


1. This is not about teaming actually. Its about getting to the goal and not let the round repeat itself for 100 times since not everyone wants to rtv.


2. There is no rule in the ZE MOTD saying that teaming is forbidden. There is pretty strict rules about getting infected on purpose and other stuff. But that isn't my point.


3. In the rules theres a statement that you should not prevent CT winning the round by getting infected on purpose, joining the "dead" team, ruining the round by dropping a key item to the unreachable area and so on. GFL is about fun and not being stuck in one place - if this happens, people will get frustrated eventually and it leads to conflicts. And it's not also my point lol.


My point is asking poeple if someone else does that.


You can read the rules here: 


And thank you @Kim for creating this wonderful and organized thread.





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Posted  Edited by Kim

thank you @Smrize it has been such a while.  It has probably been touched by so many dirty fingers over time, so thank the whole management on ZE


I will continue my rest, cya in years 


Don't hesitate with a 'like' on the motd,

more karma for me nom nom nom  ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

Edited by Kim

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