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Vip perks gone?

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Hello everyone, work and my personnal life have limited the amount of free time i have had in the last 2 months so i have been away from zombie escape for a while. Upon returning last night i noticed that all my VIP perks (skins,tags,name colors) had been removed. I know the site just under went a huge update and noticed the zombie/human win splash at the end of each round has changed as well. Are the perks and skins something undergoing an update as well or is this something more about my profile? 


Any help on the situation is welcome


Thank you in advance

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Perks are up.
I just noticed that sometimes I cannot connect and the following message is displayed in console:
"Disconnect: Dropped to due to slot reservation."

Usually, on a 2nd reconnect, I manage to get in, however this is kind of annoying. Will it be fixed?

This terminal is mocking me.png

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