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Hello! Welcome to the GFL's Rust ban/mute appeal forum for our Slightly Vanilla 5x Community! If you feel that you were wrongly muted, banned and/or want to appeal your erroneous decisions, then this is the place to go. We will evaluate the punishment that we issued on your account based on the information you provide. If we deem you "worthy" of a second chance, you will be unbanned - so take your time writing your appeal 

Appeal here: 






1. Make sure to take your time - read through your appeal, improve a few points and make sure to proof read before submitting.

2. Elaborate, explain and persuade us into thinking you are worthy for a second chance. While your appeal largely depending on the evidence we have on you in our systems, your arguments could win us over.

3. Tell us why we should be giving you a second chance. What have you learned since? How will you improve going forward? Details!

4. Do not waste our time with hoax appeals, you will be immediately and forever unconsidered if done so.


Please allow up to 72 hours for a response time. We typically evaluate and check your information before deciding, and our current players is our first priority, so appeals will be done when we have the time.

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