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JGuary55's Event Suggestion

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Event Type: Rocket League Event


Event Description:

How it runs: You can create a tournament on Rocket League thatll host its own tournament, itll scramble like who plays who so you guys dont have to make a bracket. 

Gamemode:  Regular soccer

Team size: 3v3 BUT  if we dont have enough people we could move it to 2v2 all depends how many sign up

bracket size: Can be however big prob 32 ( you can make the tourney public or with passwords)

Matches: all matches best of 1 except Finals that can be best of 3

Region: EST to keep it in the middle?

Cross platform on


If you need more details about it please pm me! ALSO ROCKET LEAGUE IS FREE ON EPIC GAMES!


We can stream this on twitch if @Salad or @Infra are ok with it! 


Also more competitive events  we should do could be, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Valorant, Golf with your friends! I could go into more detail with both of those!


Additional Information:


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