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Montgomery Burns

Montgomery Burns's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by Montgomery Burns

Name: Rod


Steam ID (or steam profile link): Don't know https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198167068774/


Banned by: Can't remember


Ban Reason: Can't remember


Why should you be unbanned


I swear to you, I have waited long enough to know that I have learned my lesson! I will obey every rule to it's full extent! I just really want back so I can play! You can't blame me for not remembering the name of the person who banned me or the reason, although it was probably toxic behavior and or harassment of Staff.


Oh, it appears I am not actually banned from this version of the GLF server, only 24/7 MC and HNS.

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Posted  Edited by P i n g u

Here's your steamid: STEAM_0:0:103401523

You can find it by searching for a steamid finder and just copy and pasting your profile link into it. There are other ways but this is a pretty standard one. 




Every other ban is also for harassment so it seems you banned for consistant trolling.

You were also banned from Hide and Seek. If someone wants to move this to that section that'd be neato burrito.


Have a good day and best of luck.

Edited by P i n g u

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Posted  Edited by BrotherWolf

Wow I didn't see this for a while. If I remember correctly, @Impaled and @mbs were pretty involved with you on HnS and you were toxic, plus you alted. My brain is fuzzy on you and I'm not actually sure what you did because it's been a while, but I'd like their input, as well as @FrankAL's input, as he's the other senior.


Until then, I'm just gonna stay out of it.

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