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add a counter on profiles to display the current amount of consecutive days visited

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some of the current milestones are related to how many days in a row someone has viewed the forums, however there doesn't seem to be a method to see your current streak so it's left entirely upon guessing it


adding a counter that shows this would be very cool and also so we know who to point and laugh at

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I gave this problem about 4 hours when I first responded to this topic then I gave up and have been thinking about it since. Getting a not-shit solution is too much for my out of practice peabrain so I asked for help - thanks to @Nick for giving something that put me in the right direction. Now I have something that works, but it's real shit.


I will also add an indicator of someones longest streak. So there will be "longest streak" and "active streak" indicators... somewhere. Not sure where to put 'em yet.


Just an update!


Initially, I allotted approximately four hours to deliberate upon the issue at hand, albeit to no avail. Subsequently, I have been ruminating on it and have since solicited assistance. Alas, my cognitive abilities, dulled by lack of exercise, have not allowed me to procure a satisfactory solution. Regrettably, my current implementation, though functional, is subpar.


In addition, I intend to include an indicator denoting an individual's longest consecutive duration of activity, alongside a separate indicator for their current active streak. The optimal location for their placement within the system, however, has yet to be determined.


This serves as a brief update on my progress.

Contact me here or on Discord @Liloz01#9857

For help with anything Forum related: 

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