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Banned Literally Right After Joining?

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The steam account (76561199515127831) you linked to your profile isn't banned on GFLBans or Sourcebans. Don't see any IP bans either on the IP you're using to browse the forums either. Please provide more information to help us locate your ban:

  • Exact message that is displayed when you try to join.
  • The SteamID of all other accounts that you may have used on our servers.

Additionally, if you use a VPN to play on the server, please ensure that it is disabled as sometimes IP bans associated with a VPN server IP address can affect you while connected to a VPN.


If you aren't able to provide the information requested / cooperate with us in our attempts to locate your ban, then we won't be able to assist you further.


(signature made by @Kaylode)

Previously known as Xy.


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Based off your replies, and additional context by Aurora, I'm gonna make the executive decision and close this appeal. Joshy said it best, this doesn't seem to be moving anywhere meaningful.


If you remain in need of appealing, feel free to make a new appeal. However, please provide more relevant details about the Steam account banned.


(Signature credit to @Clavers)


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