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Hello GFL

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Hello there.

My name is Post if you didn't already see. I'm a young individual who likes to think I have a lot of time on my hands,

until an essay deadline comes up and I feel lost. I spend a lot of time making memes on YouTube and wasting my time fucking about

in Photoshop. I also spend too much time in CS:GO as I've spend over 1600 hours across multiple communities and competitive.


Hopefully I'll find a place to be here, and stick around a bit. I'm still currently a Community Advisor of another CS:GO community, so I'll

probably jump a bit back and forwards to make some new friends and chill without having to deal with admin shit.


Hope to see you all around!



Edit: This forum looks hella' nice by the way. I love forums, and specially good looking forums, so you'll probably see me lurking' around here from time to time. <3

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Well, hello there =].


Admin for CS:GO Jailbreak.

Member Acceptor for the GFL Community.

Teamspeak Global Admin.

Graphic Designer for the GFL Community.

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Hello there fine sir! I am on the GMOD servers, actually an admin on the Purge. Hope to see you around! Welcome to GFL

GFL Ranks

[Former] Manager for Purge/DarkRP.                 

[Former] Manager for AWP 24/7

[Former] Senior Badmin for the old Purge.

[Former] Senior Badmin for the new Purge.             

[Former] Senior Admin for Hightower. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort. 

[Former] Server Admin for 2Fort 2

[Former] Human Resources.  


[Bans] Old Purge - 400+


[Joined] 2012-2013.



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