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Favorite music to listen to

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 I don't really listen to trap music or anything like that

I tend to listen to old songs, I've never been a fan of the music we have today.


This song from the 2010 Winter Olympics, was an all time favourite, and I just recently recrossed it :P

Adonie Had To Do It To Em by InvalidQuestionBeanie Pup Finnick YCH by InvalidQuestion

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The last time we did this game I mentioned I liked the Quake 3 Rocket Arena song "Razor Edge ", but recently I found other two pieces of music I can't stop listening to:

Snatcher - One Night in Neo-Kobe City (Cover)

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain: A Phantom Pain

When it comes to modern music, I only like Vidya Gaem Music. IMO almost every song nowadays sounds identical and repetitive to me, but that's just me. Anything else I like is songs and genres from the 80's-90's and 60's-70's oldschool swing music. Also a fan of Classical music (which trust me, is an extremely unpopular opinion) too.

Oh yeah, did I mention this exists?

Hardly Trying



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