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Garry's Mod Sequel?

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He said in a Twitter post back in August that it would be released in September. And nothing has happened since so we're going to have to wait about 8 months.



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To be honest - Garry's Mod 2 or something isn't going to happen. The Steam Workshop won't be imported and even it does, it won't have our favorite addons such as FA:S and other stuff. Plus, if they even do Garry's Mod Sequel, they better to have like discount or free for Garry's Mod Owners who owned Garry's Mod for like around 2012s but mostly it won't.


However, I like idea of Garry's Mod Sequel. The Performance of Garry's Mod as right now look like dogshit, shouldn't be getting 15-30 FPS on an 1942RP server when reality, I get around 30-50 FPS. If they can get the engine that runs well and best, I might heck it like it.


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Sounds kinda dumb if it's mostly about VR. 


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