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Steam yellow names?? (Myth)

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Just today, I wake up and started doing stuff until I saw this golden name on Steam.


At first, I thought it was an moderator for that forums but then it didn't have any star or something, so I look over how he got "yellow name"


Turned out; it was exploit.


Supposedly, I think it was supposed to be rewarded by somewhat but I don't think it no longer being rewarded.


Now it back and I think somebody found an exploit to use this.


There is rumor that Steam is taking care of it and that will be handing out bans for those who doing the golden name / yellow name exploit.


Going to leave off some examples.



Profile with Golden Name / Yellow Name


What you think about it? and should Steam be taking care of it?


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45 minutes ago, Firestorm said:



The Gold names isn't going to get banned on Steam.


I have confirmed this from moderator on Steam.


Evidance that no bans will be given to Golden names.



Not a spokesperson for Valve, so you should still take whatever this fellow says with a pinch of salt.


I won't take a photo—I'll tell it through words.

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Posted  Edited by Xy_
38 minutes ago, Benroyjam said:

So, what is it used for? I'm curious now.

Yellow names were used as a part of the prize for a holiday profile auction in 2014.


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Its very easy to do with node.js and the steam-yellow-master template. But i will not disclose any information as i do not want anyone banned :happytree:


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