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Supreme leader 049

Revised SCP-173

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If anyone has played against or as SCP-173 then you know how broken he is. Sometimes blinking doesn't work near him or his blinding special is broken and doesn't work. So I decided to make a "better" 173 without the blinking effect.




Health: 5000, because without the blinding special he would be able to get gunned down very easily

Lmb: Normal neck snap instant kill. No delay

Rmb: Go through vents, based on cb, every 30 seconds

Speed: Current 173 speed

Spawn: 173's containment chamber


Rmb special:


This special would allow 173 to teleport to rooms, when someone is not looking. He can pick the vent of his choosing by pressing R to open up a menu on the different rooms he can tp to. 

Extra: if this is even possible I would like 173 only be able to tp to a room with no players in it, but this might not be possible putting coding in the picture


These are the different rooms 173 can tp to






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Some how mixed Rmb and lmb

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1 minute ago, Cpt.Haxray said:

Honestly, maybe toss in the blind when he 'teleports' into a room as well(to make it 'PERFECTLY' accurate to SCP:CB)?

Didn't think of that, maybe if it is not possible to not let him tp to a room with people in it for his could be another solution.

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I Don't know why people complain about 173, i don't have problems with him, or i'm just too used to his buggy mechanics, anyways i still like this better then current him. +1

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3 hours ago, Maximino007 said:

Maybe 079 can blind the entire facility for 5 seconds and 173 is able to move since SCP-079 was the one in SCP:CB messing with the lights.

That could reintroduce his blinding affect if this does get added, but it is still quit annoying broken or not.

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1 hour ago, camperlamper said:

173 is not even that good why change him 

if you are a skilled player he’s op which most aren’t 

just bhop when blinded and you won’t die it’s not hard 

I did this because he's broken on both sides of the round.

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