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Special Round: Human Zoo

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Based off of a decently funny and popular J article.


Round setup:

-D-class are replaced by researchers.(AKA, they start with level 2 keycards and look like researchers, but are considered d-class role)

-Guards/MTF are replaced with random hostile SCPs instead(Minus for scp-939)

-Researcher team spawns as random friendly scps(so scp-999, 035, 073, 2639s, any possible additional friendly scps added down the line) as well as 939. 

-MTF spawns are exclusively Serpent Hand and Chaos Insurgency spawns. 

-Instead of normal SCP spawns, Random MTF units are chosen.(Aka, so a eplison-9 with a flamethrower, dr.clef, a normal NTF, a tau-5, or a hammer down).


Round Description:

Essentially a normal round gameplay wise, just with really messed up and weird spawns. the SCPs are the guards and researchers, the D-class are researchers, reinforcements are exclusively CI or Serpent Hands, and the 'SCPS' are random MTF special units.

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I like this.


Sounds confusing at first, but with all new things you will get used to them.

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