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Ban Appeal

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Name: Billy

Steam ID:  Steam_ 0:1:62902596

Banned By: CONSOLE

Ban Reason: Karma too low.


I was banned for karma too low and I would like to be unbanned. The only reason my karma got so low was from about 3 rounds worth off playing, one of which I accidently killed my T buddy, which took a lot of karma from me.

The rest was from killing other innocents by either by accident or because someone kos'd them, or because I placed a C4 and it blew up about 3 innocents, even after I warned them to stay away from the T room, which is where I placed it.

The point is that I love this server and I would like to get back to playing on it as soon as possible, I'm also trying to get a admin sponsor and admin's don't like to sponsor people with bans, especially recent ones.


Thank you!




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