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Lord Death

Bizarre Adventure (Ze_Egyptian_gods)

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The destroyer of the worlds & the god of Egypt has awakened from his long sleep! make your way through the secret caves of Egypt to the land of sky to bring him down and save our gachi world from destruction.

The map contains 4 stages & 4 bosses. all the bosses are giants and all of them can move. some of them have 2 phases and all of them have attack powers.

The map contains 7 items, 4 for humans, 3 for zombies (god bosses powers)



















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Posted  Edited by Lord Death
12 minutes ago, Beter Griffin said:

When will it be released?

In 1/2 days depends on whenever I finish the map. 1 stage left to be built (built about 30% of it). also I need to make the items & triggers which will take some time to be done.

PS: Also I will need to test offline first to make sure stuff is working


Edited by Lord Death

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44 minutes ago, mikasa said:

there will be a lot particles there?

The only particles there will be boss fight(s) particles & item particles. there will be 3 heals beside the 4 other items, so yea might be a little not that much

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zombie/human items

3 Heals which heal players to 250 hp. each can be used once.
2 Laser Items which shot lasers. Lasers damage both zombies and bosses. unlimited use.
1 Gravity Item which freezes zombies for 10 seconds.
1 Push Item which pushes them back.
Alien Item which has 2 poweres, heal & laser canon. heal heals to 15K HP. canon can damage humans.
Winos Item which shots a curse ball which insta kill humans.
Demon Item which has a canon which pulls humans to him.
Alien item poweres are random.
The map has 4 levels & 4 bosses. and all of them are hard.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay played the map and "beat" all 4 levels.

Theres no ZM detection so even if Zombies get in you beat the level and go to the next one.

The clipping is weird in some places.

FPS is god awful on level 1.

The no draws (or whatever it is that hides things from view) blocks off vision quite a lot when you need it.

Push is really weak and quite dangerous to use

Would be better to have 1 heal item with 3 uses rather than 3 heals.

ZM teleports are quite random

The 3rd ZM teleport on level 4 doesn't actually teleport when the timer announces, they teleport well after it which is confusing and ends up killing players.

At the first two way split on level 4 ZMs can jump down from the top path? Not sure if they can but it looks like it which would make defending the bottom really hard if ZMs do that.

Lava on level 3 doesn't actually kill players

The grass covers up the elevator at the end of level 3 and it's confusing to know if you can stand on it or not to survive.

End of level 4 is quite confusing without prior knowledge of the map

There's not much indication of the bridge breaking on level 2 which leads to players dying.


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1- I'll add zombie detections on V1

2- I can't do better

3- I've remade the area which have fps drop

4- gotta reduce them a bit

5- I've boosted it a bit before. not sure what do with it now

6- I'll do this too (1 heal instead of 3)


8-Yeah it's 22 sec now,I just forgot to update the chat msg

9- lava boots as Onahole says

10- Not sure what to do with this

11- Gotta add a msg that tells people what's gonna happen

11- Gotta do something about this too


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