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So I was bored and decided to ressurect the How-To Guide

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I'm gonna' make this quick, because there's not much I really need to say.



Presenting SCP-1161, again. However, in a more physical appearance.


I was bored, so I took it upon my self to quickly code SCP-1161. And by quickly, since I kinda' suck at lua, it took two days when it should have probably taken 30 minutes lol. It's pretty functional due to its relatively simple code however, and I tested it in a multiplayer game. I see no real reason why it shouldn't be incompatible. If there are somehow any issues, I'll try to fix them


fat screenshot below



I updated my subscribe = gay addon (link here don't click pls) to include the SCP-1161 swep. It's a swep, has no viewmodel (because it doesn't really need one), has a gmod-included world model, and using primary displays the title of the section with a small excerpt being printed in the chat.


If you want, you can just extract the weapon so you don't have to install my gay ass addon anyways. Though, a small reminder this is a suggestion, and even though I coded this in the game you can still chose not to add this, and I'll be perfectly fine with that.


Let me know what you think in the comments, and this is the part where I leave now.


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