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E-SCP-D (Experimental SCP Disposer)

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Say some SCP's given ya girl the stink-eye, give em one-a these

The Experimental SCP Disposer

 E-SCP-D for short

E-SCP-D training manual, page 3

The E-SCP-D is a state-of-the-art SCP disposal unit and is to be kept at each of our

research sites in a highly secure armory room (Or personal 05 storage)

Turns out 05-12 was out taking Site-19's E-SCP-D for a test drive and accidentally left it in his office with only one charge left. (Not the best 05 is he) 🤦‍♂️

The E-SCP-D would be a one-shot damage-over-time weapon, similar to the MicroHID from SL, but with a few changes, the E-SCP-D is capable of the following

A 150 DPS with a 12-second continuous blast

(900 Damage per shot) 

Storing up to 5 charges at one time

(Not important as it only has 1 and cannot be refilled, only useful for Special Rounds)

When proceeding to use the E-SCP-D you will experience the following

Extreme force as a result of the 6000-volt discharge

(Movement speed decrease while firing, probably around 10-25%)

Minor-tingling from sheer awesomeness (Electric backlash, minor self-damage (30HP)

Slight psychological disruption (blurred eye-sight while and 2 seconds after discharge)

The E-SCP-D will spawn in the "Radio office" 

It will also use the same model as the Phys/Gravgun (Color is XY's decision)

The door will require an 05 Keycard

(Located here for joke reasons, O5 being stupid, as well as balance reasons)

(the other side of the map from 914)

I am completely open to suggestions as well as criticism

Thanks for reading ❤️



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This is hard to read.

Different Sizes

Different Colors



But I think I got it, +1 I guess.

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