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optional class special round

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Hi guys its me again, I was just thinking of a special round were players can  have the option to  be any class such as SCPs,class d/researchers, MTF etc. I was thinking of at the beginning of the round. a menu  will pop up  telling you what  you want to be. and  since there are lots of new scps. players can choose anyone they want. I was also suggesting you should increase the percentage of players being scps cause I barely get to be a good scp or scps in general.


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Special round suggestion

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Does this mean you can choose if you want to be an Researcher, Class-D, TRO or SCP?


If this were implemented I'd think choosing what SCP you are when your picked to be an SCP is alright but anything else I don't really like.


If MTF could choose what they specialize in, people would be choosing medics, pyro, heavy and commander and the original TRO would be never used.


Researchers don't have anything special about them. I don't really want to include Dr. Maynard as a Researcher class because Dr. Maynard is just a Chaos Insurgent who is

disguised. And SCP-999 is way different than a human so I don't really want to call that a special class.


Class-D only have 035 so... no.


This also ruins the value of special classes because it's pretty rare to be one.


And basically everyone will choose all the overpowered things.


Overall -1

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How about you can't choose which team you are, but you can choose which 'flavor' you are?
I.e. if you're a Researcher you could choose to be 999, but not 682.

If you're a D-class, you can choose to be an 035, but not 610.

And a max of two players per 'special flavor'.  

For example, only two players can be 999, max.  As many vanilla researchers as you want, because they're not a 'special flavor'. 

Only two 'unnatural' 035s.

Also, ban 378 from this mode because fuck, one is enough.

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